AI Insight

February 21, 2020

AI Insight

February 21, 2020

AI Insight is the industry’s online go-to resource for alternative investment research, training and compliance support. Join the thousands of advisors and financial firms who have increased their knowledge and confidence with new product offerings on the AI Insight platform.

AI Insight covers over 200 non-traded alternative investment funds representing $33 billion in assets, and over 80 alternative strategy mutual funds, representing nearly 80% of the AUM of the alternative strategy mutual fund market.

AI Insight is known as the independent source for alternative investment research, training and compliance documentation. Clients use AI Insight’s comprehensive platform to monitor performance of hundreds of alternative investments, including alternative mutual funds.

Product, Sector/Structure and Continuing Education Training

Product-specific training on the features, risks and suitability for hundreds of offerings. Facilitate your firm’s Annual Compliance Meeting and Firm Element requirements with AI Insight’s extensive course library.

Due Diligence and Research Tools

Create efficiencies in due diligence review process using AI Insight’s robust database to source new products as well as analyze and compare hundreds of alternative investment programs, including alternative mutual funds.

Ongoing Monitoring

Access performance summaries, generate financial charts and create customizable alerts for performance parameters for non-traded REITs, BDCs and Closed-End Interval Funds. Review performance information from financial filings during and after the offering period.

Industry Reporting

Review historical data for non-traded REITs, BDCs, Closed-End Interval Funds, Private Placements and Alternative Mutual Funds. Keep watch on trends using AI Insight’s extensive review of available programs providing key financial statistics for each industry and program, such as distributions and coverage ratios, sector allocations, capital raise, leverage ratios and more. 

Consulting Relationships

Many financial firms find themselves lacking resources or expertise on all types of Alternative Investments. AI Insight’s team has extensive industry experience to provide a firm with complimentary or additional support for their due diligence team. 

Compliance Documentation

Demonstrate what a firm is doing to support its regulatory requirements in a transparent way. AI Insight captures all the activity firm members complete within the platform including training modules, offering document reviews and research conducted.

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April 14, 2016

BlueVault saves a lot of time and effort in obtaining good numbers for analysis and provides good insights to compare against my own.

*Alternative Investment Sponsors may be contributing members of Blue Vault, which could create potential conflicts of interest. Blue Vault subscribers and followers should consider this in their review and analysis. Information is intended only for institutional, broker dealer or registered investment adviser use. This information is prohibited for use by the general public.