AIX: Alternative Investment Exchange

February 4, 2020

AIX: Alternative Investment Exchange

February 4, 2020 

AIX is a digital platform built to improve the process of investing in alternatives and enable growth for the broader industry. AIX was built by an experienced team with years of proven success servicing alternatives throughout the full lifecycle.

This expertise comes from supporting legal, regulatory and operational aspects of retail alternative accounts across multiple asset classes, structures and product types. AIX believes that establishing an industry standard supported by world-class technology will create value for the entire asset management industry.

According to AIX, four challenges block the growth of alternatives in the retail market:

• Nontransparency

   Lack of industry standards and paper-based processes make it difficult to track transactions and performance.

• Elevated Risk

   Enhanced regulation, including state suitability requirements and broker-dealer policies, mean increased liability.

• Lack of Access

   Administrative complexities and operational challenges result in decreased access and availability of alternatives.

• Higher Cost

   Manual processes and duplicative data entry result in higher rates of human errors and additional costs.

AIX creates a better investing experience by making the entire process easier for advisors, broker-dealers, custodians, asset managers and their agents:

• Connectivity with external data sources pre-fills information across required paperwork.

• Systematic checks evaluate suitability requirements, e-signature preferences and unique business rules to minimize errors.

• Data is captured and distributed across the network of stakeholders to populate order entry systems directly and reduce manual processes.

• Changes to investor account information are entered once and populated across required paperwork.

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August 22, 2017 at The National, the annual NPH Educational Conference
August 28, 2017

I had no idea this service existed. I could have used it years ago! Great presentation and service!

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