Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) Enhances Digital Alt Investing Platform with Support for On-Going Account Maintenance

March 10, 2021

Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) Enhances Digital Alt Investing Platform with Support for On-Going Account Maintenance

New Offering Automates Entire Experience for Advisors, Transfer Agents, Custodians, Asset Manager, and Wealth Managers

March 10, 2021

PHILADELPHIA (March 10, 2021) – Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX), the platform making it easy to buy, own, and sell alternative investments, has added new account maintenance functionality to its digital alternative investment platform. The new AIX account maintenance capability automates maintenance requests, mitigating tedious paperwork and manual processes.

“From day one, the sole purpose of AIX has been to make alternative investments easier to buy, own and sell,” said Joseph P. Ujobai, CEO of AIX. “With the launch of account maintenance functionality to our existing enterprise alts platform, we deliver on that promise by ensuring an efficient, point and click experience for advisors who want to make alternative investments a workable option for their clients’ portfolios.”

While subscribing to alternative investments funds is an arduous process, more effort and paperwork is required to support and maintain those investments over time. Being that owning alts is a long-term strategy, common changes, such as adding new banking information, adjustments to cost basis or distribution method, and basic updates to contact information, can occur dozens of times throughout the lifetime of a single account. Each of these transactions require more paperwork and greater time spent servicing these positions than any other type of asset class.

“By removing the friction associated with both buying and owning alternative investments, advisor exception handling and paperwork can be automated, leading to time savings and improved client experiences,” said Brad West, COO of AIX.

At this week’s Blue Vault Bowman Alts Week 2021, AIX is speaking on the importance of selecting a technology partner that understands the alts business, enables growth, and has the capability to solve for the entire alternative investment lifecycle.

About AIX

Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) is an end-to-end digital platform purpose-built to improve the processes related to buying, owning, and selling alternative investments. AIX’s technology reduces friction, mitigates risk, and creates value across all alternative investing stakeholder groups – wealth managers, asset managers, custodians, transfer agents, and fund administrators. By evolving beyond documents to make data the connective tissue between alternative investment players, AIX makes it easier to conduct business and accelerate industry growth. For more information, please visit aixplatform.com or LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/aix-alternative-investment-exchange.

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We have found it to be a valuable tool to verify what wholesalers tell us and to dig deep into how the reported investments are really performing.

We appreciate that Blue Vault has expanded its services from initially covering REIT's to now also including BDC's.

Our clients also appreciate that we conduct this additional due diligence on their behalf.

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