Brian Jones of Envision Financial Systems wins 2020 Nicsa NOVA Strategic Leadership Award

January 13, 2021

Brian Jones of Envision Financial Systems wins 2020 Nicsa NOVA Strategic Leadership Award

December 18, 2020

(Costa Mesa, Calif., Dec. 17, 2020) – Envision Financial Systems, Inc., a leading provider of real-time investor recordkeeping technology and transfer agency services, is proud to announce that Brian Jones, Executive Vice President, is a winner of the 2020 Nicsa NOVA Strategic Leadership Award.

Nicsa, a trade association with broad-based membership in the investment industry, awards its annual Strategic Leadership Award to one or more winners who have “demonstrated excellence through cutting-edge thought leadership and business solutions with a wide scope of influence across the global asset management industry.”

“Visionary navigation of industry trends requires excellence in thought leadership, exemplary adaptation of evolving fiduciary standards, and a dedication to the advancement of the client experience,” notes Nicsa in award materials. “Strategic Leadership Award winners demonstrate leadership through cutting-edge business solutions with a wide scope of influence across the asset management industry.”

Jones was honored for industry contributions across a 35-year career, including roles at Fidelity Investments and Federated Investors prior to joining Envision in 2004. His nomination highlighted the multiple instances where he has helped organizations modernize investor servicing and communications. At Envision, Jones is responsible for intermediary services, marketing, business development, strategic partnerships, and is part of the executive committee. Jones’ many contributions to Nicsa include six years on its national board of directors, and chair person or member of multiple committees, including the east coast, alternatives, broker dealer and general membership.

“For decades, Brian has been a force for positive change,” said Timothy Kan, Envision’s president and chief strategy officer. “In everything he’s done, Brian has been relentless in keeping the focus on the client experience while also hunting down inefficiencies and redesigning processes to optimize results. All of us at Envision applaud his industry-wide contributions—and are especially glad to have him on our team.”

Read more about the 2020 Nicsa NOVA award program and Nicsa’s news release announcing the winners. Also, view a Nicsa video interview with Jones.

About Envision Financial Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Envision Financial Systems, Inc. is a premier provider of real-time investor recordkeeping technology and outsource solutions. Using in-depth knowledge of the industry and listening to its customers, Envision’s solutions enable firms with subaccounting needs to consolidate and control investor activity, increase representative and investor satisfaction, and help mitigate operational and economic risks. Envision supports over 450 investment companies, comprised of over 16,000 CUSIPS representing over $39 trillion is client assets. Envision’s headquarters are in Costa Mesa, California, with offices in Owings Mills, Maryland, Denver, Colorado and Bangalore, India. For more information, visit www.enfs.com.

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