Carter Multifamily Joins the Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) Platform

February 3, 2021

Carter Multifamily Joins the Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) Platform

Seamless data connectivity and paperless processing enables Carter Multifamily to raise greater capital by providing exceptional experience to allocators

February 3, 2021

Philadelphia, PA, February 3, 2021 – Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX), the platform making it easy to buy, own, and sell alternative investments, has onboarded Carter Multifamily Fund Management Company, LLC (“Carter Multifamily”) to the AIX platform. This integration opens the path for allocators to make Carter Multifamily funds a bigger part of their client portfolios. The successful onboarding was coordinated in tandem with Carter Multifamily and its independent broker-dealer and transfer agent partners.

Carter Multifamily is a private company focused on acquiring multifamily real estate investments that offer value-add enhancement opportunities. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, it made the traditional paper-based processes associated with buying, owning, and selling alternative investments even more difficult and cumbersome for Carter and its partners. For Carter Multifamily, the pandemic accelerated its path toward adopting an efficient straight-through investment process as it shifted operations virtually.

After meeting with AIX, Carter Multifamily was motivated to digitize its entire process making it easier for partners hindered by labor-intensive paperwork, NIGO (Not in Good Order) errors, and other compliance issues. In working with Carter Multifamily and its partners, AIX conducted a seamless technology integration in a mere five weeks. Carter Multifamily is now up and running on the platform and has started the process of integrating a new fund into the AIX platform.

“At the top level, we wanted our broker-dealer representatives to be able to use the AIX platform to process transactions as painlessly as possible,” explained Lisa Robinson, President of Carter Multifamily. “With the help of AIX, we have empowered our representatives, enabling us to sharpen our focus on raising equity, acquiring assets, and more quickly seizing on available buying opportunities.”

The industry average cycle time for current paper-based processes is approximately six weeks from the time an advisor initiates an order to when clearing and settlement is complete. AIX’s end-to-end straight-through processing can take as little as 72 hours, reducing the time it takes to complete a transaction by 90%. What’s more, the alternatives industry sees paperwork errors, or NIGOs, as high as 50%, according to industry estimates. AIX can deliver NIGOs under 10% — preventing 80% of these issues before they are even submitted for review.

“Processing an order was previously a very laborious and paper-intensive process. Simply put, with AIX, we can bring in capital faster than ever before, and the system has shown to drastically reduce cycle times between advisors and investors,” added Robinson.

Solutions that digitize only account opening and subscription processes by generating digital versions of signed subscription documents remain cumbersome, time-consuming, opaque, and prone to errors. AIX addresses the entire lifecycle, digitally connecting all parties involved and seamlessly transmitting data through respective stakeholders’ systems.

Momentum continues to grow for AIX. Carter Multifamily joins a growing list of forward-thinking investment sponsors available through the AIX platform. “Carter Multifamily’s efforts in making a transformational impact on its business is inspiring and serves as a reference point for the industry,” said Brad West, AIX COO. “With the AIX platform in place, Carter Multifamily is creating better experiences for its investment advisor representatives which will, in turn, help reduce error rates and ultimately see efficiency savings passed back to them and individual investors.”

About AIX:

Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) is an end-to-end digital platform purpose-built to improve the processes related to buying, owning, and selling alternative investments. AIX’s technology reduces friction, mitigates risk, and creates value across all alternative investing stakeholder groups – wealth managers, asset managers, custodians, transfer agents, and fund administrators. By evolving beyond documents to make data the connective tissue between alternative investment players, AIX makes it easier to conduct business and accelerate industry growth. For more information, please visit aixplatform.com or LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/aix-alternative-investment-exchange.

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