February 18, 2020


February 18, 2020

Centersky is led by Gary Davi, an innovation award winning Capital Markets/Alt Sponsor CTO, and his team of Salesforce Administrators and Developers that have each individually been involved directly in the Capital Markets business for 10+ years.

Information Technology, specifically utilizing a CRM platform, is no longer “optional.” It’s deeply embedded in every business process and is a key component that a company relies on to track activity (or non activity) and sales (or lack of sales) on a day-to-day basis.

The problem is that the traditional IT Department is more focused on break/fix or other priorities and not built to serve in a way that moves the needle for the Capital Markets business.

Gary believes that the successful firms of the future will seek to partner with CRM “technology platform specialists” that have deep experience, constantly collaborating, and innovating within the Capital Markets Business Value Chain.  This type of synergy is absent from the traditional IT Department and in the tech-world is commonly referred to as “DevOps.”

Enter Centersky…

By entrusting a business’s CRM platform to Centersky, the client can bypass the need to hire, train, re-hire, and re-train full-time employees who may have less Capital Markets experience resulting in a lower level of service. The team at Centersky saves overhead and provides an innovative boost to businesses resulting in more sales and increased market share.

Capital Markets Technology Solutions

Centersky’s team provides clients with knowledgeable Capital Markets focused staff specializing in alert centric solutions, cutting costs, and removing manual processes throughout the entire organization.  Do you have the tech to compete?

It has become vital to operationalize data, the wholesaler’s most valuable asset, into actionable insights. These insights can meaningfully impact multiple functions, processes, teams, and the entire ecosystem of the Capital Markets Business Value Chain.

The Centersky DevOps team quickly levels the playing field for sponsors, distributors, and capital markets firms. Centersky can help maximize ROI with a fully integrated, managed and day-to-day supported Salesforce solution.

For more information, visit: www.centersky.net.

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