Infinity Financial Joins Alternative Investment Exchange Platform

April 11, 2022

Infinity Financial Joins Alternative Investment Exchange Platform

April 11, 2022

Infinity Financial Joins Alternative Investment Exchange Platform

April 7, 2022 | Alternative Investment Exchange

Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX), the platform making it easy to buy, own, and sell alternative investments, has onboarded Infinity Financial Services (“Infinity”) to the AIX platform. Through this partnership, Infinity’s alternative investing experience is transformed into one that is fast, simple, and intuitive. Gone are the days of completing paper documents by hand and manually tracking the unique requirements of each and every alternative investment provider. AIX works with each fund manager to ensure their requirements are factored into the experience, eliminating headaches for everyone involved. This integration enables Infinity to offer an all-digital experience – a game-changer for its advisors.

Infinity is a modernized wealth management firm designed to provide affiliated financial advisors flexibility and regulatory support of their practice management. The firm provides technology-based solutions to financial advisors who in turn can better serve their clients.

After meeting with AIX, Infinity was motivated to use the platform as a competitive edge. “The more financial advisors we recruit, the more assets we raise and the more revenue we generate, and so our business grows. That’s the Infinity approach,” explained Greg Gilbert, President and CCO of Infinity Financial Services. “Core money management is going to the investment advisory arm, and transaction is going over to the broker-dealer side. And by integrating with AIX, it will make it easier for financial advisors to sell.”

“Infinity is very interested in creating a better digital environment for its financial advisors, and it’s a differentiator for how the firm is going to recruit them,” notes Brad West, AIX COO. “One example is the AIX platform, but Infinity has also connected AIX into Salesforce, making it a supercharged instance that’s enabled for investment activities. This model fosters top line growth, powers the rep experience, provides a higher level of efficiency, and helps to de-risk all parties. This is accomplished by systematically enforcing compliance and providing a technology solution that protects client data through extensive data security controls. It creates a win for everyone involved.”

Using the AIX platform, Infinity is able to provide disclosures in an orderly fashion and provide the training that’s necessary to ensure advisors are protected. The regulatory mission statement from FINRA focuses on two key areas: investor protection and market integrity. To that end, Infinity works tirelessly to protect its investors, and the AIX platform enables Infinity to honor that.

“Our goal is to have financial advisors always be focused on revenue-generating activities. To help ensure that, the AIX platform combined with Infinity’s integration on top of Salesforce in a single sign-on will be sure to improve advisor experiences across the board,” Gilbert said.

About AIX

Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX) is an end-to-end digital platform purpose-built to improve the processes related to buying, owning, and selling alternative investments. AIX’s technology reduces friction, mitigates risk, and creates value across all alternative investing stakeholder groups – wealth managers, asset managers, custodians, transfer agents, and fund administrators. By evolving beyond documents to make data the connective tissue between alternative investment players, AIX makes it easier to conduct business and accelerate industry growth. For more information, please visit aixplatform.com or LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/aix-alternative-investment-exchange.

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