Marketing Intent: It’s Not About Your Services – 3 Ways To Connect With The Right Clients On Your Website

June 13, 2022

Marketing Intent: It’s Not About Your Services – 3 Ways To Connect With The Right Clients On Your Website

June 13, 2022

It’s Not About Your Services – 3 Ways To Connect With The Right Clients On Your Website 

June 13, 2022 | Marketing Intent

It’s not about your services when you’re thinking about your website and how to attract the right clients –  it’s who you would like to work for instead of what you do.


How to help prospects understand that you are the right financial advisor for them. We’ll also be covering how to build trust with prospects, as well as how to be clear about what you do for clients, not just the services you offer.  

Helping Prospects Know You’re Right for Them

How are you attracting the right clients to your website? In the financial services industry, it’s not uncommon to see financial advisor websites with pictures of sailboats, clocks, compasses and even trees with the sunlight coming through. While we all enjoy that imagery and the sereneness that it may bring to our minds, it’s not immediately apparent to prospects that you help people like them. 

It’s more important, as you think about your website, to use language and images that resonate with your target audiences. If you’re targeting women, for example, you want that front and center on your website – images of women or phrases that appeal to women and the financial struggles they’re facing.  

Building Trust 

It’s amazing how far you often have to dig into a financial advisor’s website to see who they are. We are all people, and we want to work with other people, not just entities. That’s why it’s important to have images of yourself on your site – on your home page, your team page or your bio page. Humanize yourself and help prospects connect with you. 

You can also build connections by showing your personal interests through a “get to know you” section that has a few points that highlight who you are as a person and what you’re interested in. These points may even end up being conversation starters with prospects. 

What You Do for Clients

It’s important to be clear about what you do for your clients beyond the services you offer. When you think about the list of services on many financial advisors’ websites, you may see 401k plans, 529 plans, IRAs, etc. 

That list doesn’t help you stand out among your prospects. It’s just the tools you use to help your clients. Think more about how you’re helping your clients: 

Are you helping them maximize wealth? 

Are you helping them find a way to afford college?  

Are you helping them choose a college or evaluate what a college education is going to do for their child?  

Think more about what you are doing for clients and make sure your website reflects that. 

To recap…

• You can appeal to the right clients on your website through imagery and words.

• Build trust with prospects by bringing you, as a person, forward in your marketing- whether that’s images of you or sharing your interests – as a common connection point.

• Communicate exactly what you’ll do for your clients, not just the tools you use to do your job.

If you need a branding or a website refresh, contact Marketing Intent. We help financial advisors better reach their target clients.


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