More Banks are Moving Asset and Liability Management Systems to Cloud

July 8, 2022

More Banks are Moving Asset and Liability Management Systems to Cloud

July 8, 2022

More Banks are Moving Asset and Liability Management Systems to Cloud

July 6, 2022 | SS&C

A recent SS&C Algorithmics survey (conducted by Alchemer) shows 45% of respondents are looking to migrate, or have already migrated, their Asset Liability Management (ALM) systems to the cloud. This is a major global shift from ALM being almost always in-house and shows that both banks and regulators are increasingly accepting cloud for ALM risk technology.

When asked what their biggest challenges were in making the transition, most respondents cited infrastructure costs, knowledge transfer between IT and business, the siloed legacy risk modeling or data sources, and a one-size-fits-all approach. These challenges can be addressed by choosing a provider that uses a solution as a service model that incorporates the software, expertise and infrastructure required to support each client’s needs.

Key factors respondents gave for making the move to the cloud were the modernization of architecture, improving return of investment (ROI) and scalability. ALM can have significant calculation demands, with banks needing to project millions of products in the balance sheet over both time and risk scenarios. It is important to have a solution that leverages cloud technology—something a simple lift and shift approach cannot do.

To support the transition to the cloud, SS&C Algorithmics ALM and Liquidity Risk on the Cloud enable banks to use the entire range of functions of the award-winning solution as a service model. Banks benefit from all the advantages of the modern and flexible SS&C Algorithmics software as a solution (SaaS) without having to take care of the required infrastructure, operation and support, as these services are provided by SS&C.

Functional and technical support is provided by SS&C experts to ensure the smooth operation of the solution including a seamless migration between versions. Leveraging the expertise of Algorithmics’ team helps mitigate implementation challenges identified in the survey, including knowledge transfer (55% of respondents) and talent retention (42% of respondents).

The SS&C Algorithmics SaaS option provides all the necessary components for the secure, highly performant and scalable operation of the financial risk management system. This includes the provision of environments, 24/7 monitoring and disaster recovery.

Functionally, SS&C clients benefit from the full SS&C Algorithmics ALM and Liquidity Risk solution including browser-based interfaces for configuration of modeling, behavioral assumptions and planning, ad-hoc run orchestration and interactive reporting.

The SS&C Algorithmics ALM and Liquidity Risk solution is provided via the SS&C Private Cloud. Where banks have existing enterprise-wide cloud initiatives, the solution is also available on other major cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

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